Today, your home is not just a place just to live, sleep, and eat, but a retreat where you can create an intimate and tranquil hideaway, where you can relax, pamper yourself, and find peace of mind. To cre- ate this oasis, you want products that give you high performance and excellent quality, while appeal- ing to your aesthetics and discriminating tastes. Whether you prefer contemporary, traditional or eclectic styles Altmans has the perfect products for you.

Since their beginning, Altmans has been committed to providing customers with a value proposition that encompasses lavish and distinctive products for the bathroom. The luxury and elegance of Alt- mans products make your bathroom a room to admire, enjoy and even to brag about.

Striving to provide the most innovative designs, Altmans offers the latest in design trends with prod- ucts ranging from traditional through transitional and all the way to sleek contemporary, balancing art and style with natural elements.

Altmans has always remained true to their mission, never forgetting their commitment to quality and customer service while offering original design and innovation.

Altmans is all about you.

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