Comfort Star


is committed to delivering world-class results. Their Mission is to provide customers with the lowest prices, while offering superior quality products and service.

Through continuous improvement they strive to eliminate non-value added steps, becoming lean and passing the savings on to their customers.

Their goal is to satisfy customers by making every experience enjoyable, easy and convenient.

Ace Plumbing, Heating and Electrical features Allegria single and multi-zone mini-split systems from Comfort Star.


Comfort-Star Mini split

  • Flexi-multi design: mix and match evaporators and condensers for different sized spaces
  • High efficiency: with an inverter controlled compressor, the system runs at an efficiency up to 16 SEER
  • Individually controlled for each zone allows you to save more
  • Duct free for easy installation
  • Precise temperature control creates a more comfortable zone
  • Environmentally friendly R410A prevents depletion of the ozone layer
  • Gold Fin protection for anti-corrosion
  • Active carbon electrostatic fiber filter to improve the indoor air quality
  • Turbo fan speed for cooling or heating quickly
  • Indoor fan delay keeps the indoor coil dry to prevent bacteria growing
  • Auto swing allows you to adjust the direction of air flow
  • 24-hour timer lets you set up the ON/OFF time
  • Auto restart lets unit keep the previous setting even during a power failure
  • Sleep mode creates a more comfortable environment during the night
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling mode
  • Large LED display
  • Error code display for easy troubleshooting
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