From its humble beginnings 120 years ago, Intermatic has remained on the cutting edge of innovation.

It is deeply rooted in the tradition of a family-owned business, following a distinct formula of honest, customer-first business that has helped it become a global leader in energy management solutions.

After over 100 year of incorporation, Intermatic is continually investing in state-of-the-art technology to improve the value of its products and its service to the customers.

Intermatic products cover the need for energy controls in the electrical, HVACR and pool and spa markets. Their products are designed to solve field application issues, while offering savings and convenience to the installer, and ultimately, the end user. Their product range includes a wide variety of Energy Management Solutions and Timed Based Controls for hundreds of applications, as well as, Sensors and Photo Controls, Surge Protective Devices, Weatherproof, Professional Lighting, and Pool and Spa Controls.

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