Soaking baths – Take the concept of a traditional non-jetted bathtub. Add signature Jacuzzi® style and body-sensitive contours, including sculpted armrests on selected models. Toss in your favorite bath salts and bath teas. What you have are the Soaking Baths, the purest and most natural expression of what it means to bathe in warm relaxation.

Pure Air jettisons the old concept of bathing with a subtle, all-over massage action that is purely relaxing. By circulating air through a network of channels, Pure Air pushes millions of small bubbles into the water for a full-body tingle. Jacuzzi’s patented 360° Balanced Airflow system sends heated air through several points in the network of channels, resulting in a balanced massage when the system is at its highest settings. You direct the entire experience using electronic controls. The ground-breaking Pure Air® baths are so popular there are now more than 25 models available.

Whirlpools – Inventors of the world’s first whirlpool bath nearly a century ago, Jacuzzi® continues to set the pace for the industry. Our patented jet technology combines water and air in exact ratios to deliver the perfect massage. Adjust the intensity for an invigorating water massage or de-stress with gentle hydrotherapy. Large and small jets, strategically placed in each bath, target specific muscles with effective therapeutic action. While other whirlpools simply churn out water under high pressure, Jacuzzi jets evenly mix high volumes of water with air for a more effective, targeted massage.

Salon™ Spas – Bring home the total bath experience. Salon™ Spas maximize your options in one tub. Get the intense therapeutic power of a Luxury whirlpool bath plus the calm, bubbling spritz of a Jacuzzi Pure Air® bath. More than a dozen different bathing experiences in all, plus Chromatherapy, RapidHeat™ in-line heating – all the extras. A Salon Spa truly transforms your bath into a complete spa retreat.

The Luxury Bathtubs Collection by Jacuzzi® sets the standard for high style and advanced features in luxury bathtubs. You can create a custom look with models ranging from contemporary freestanding luxury tub models, complete with decorative wood accents, to slipper tubs with Edwardian-era claw feet, and walk-in luxury bathtubs.

What many consider to be the hallmark of a luxury bathtub – boldly massaging whirlpool jets – was invented and perfected by Jacuzzi. You’ll find the latest generation of our patented, fully adjustable whirlpool jets in the Whirlpool and Salon™ Spa luxury tubs collection. These amazing jets let you change the strength, direction and tempo of your hydro-massage.

Choose a Salon Spa luxury bathtub and experience the power of a whirlpool bath or the gentle champagne-bubbling effect of a Pure Air® bath. Salon Spas maximize the massage versatility and provide the most features of all the luxury bathtubs.

Sophisticated functionality is built into the luxury bathtubs: LCD control panels, powerful blower systems, Thermal Lumbar Comfort™ (TLC) air channels for the back, and RapidHeat™ inline heaters in the Whirlpool, Salon Spa, and Pure Air luxury bathtubs (features vary by model).

To customize your luxury bathtub, add Luxury by Design™ options, which include:

Whisper Technology™ – reduces the sound and vibration from the whirlpool motor.

Illumatherapy – back-lit jets glow with color.

J5 LCD Electronic Control Panel – makes makes it easy for you to pre-set functions for each bather, control the multi-hued Chromatherapy™ lighting, adjust the bubbles in a Pure Air® luxury bath, and more.

Jet Trim Kit – Coordinate your luxury bathtub’s jet trim with faucets and finishes.

Luxury Collection Features
Electronic control panels
From 8-23 total jets in baths
Rapid Heat™ in-line heater
Chromatherapy Lighting system
800W or 900W blower systems
360° balanced air flow
Thermal Lumbar Comfort (TLC)™
High-gloss, durable, non-porous acrylic finish
Exclusive Tru-Level™ self-leveling base systems
Limited lifetime warranty
Luxury by Design upgrades available – see Design Your Bath

The Comfort Bathtubs Collection earns its name in two ways. Not only are these baths designed to be comfortable, Jacuzzi® Comfort Bathtubs are built to give you the comforting knowledge that you own a high-quality product, complete with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Comfort Collection Features
Electronic Control Panels
8 total jets in baths
600W blower systems
360° Balanced Air Flow
High-gloss, durable, non-porous acrylic
Exclusive Tru-Level™ self-leveling base systems
Limited lifetime warranty
Upgrades available

The Jacuzzi® Primó™ Collection was created exclusively for Lowe’s by the most experienced name in hydrotherapy bathing. Since inventing the whirlpool tub in 1956, Jacuzzi continues to set the standard for powerful performance, enduring quality and carefree operation. Primó means first in Italian, honoring the heritage of the Jacuzzi brothers’ legacy.

Three types of Primó Bathtubs
The Primó Collection is made up of the most common bathtub sizes and styles. Available in three hydrotherapy experiences – Soaking bath, Whirlpool bath, and Air bath – the Primó Collection rivals products that are traditionally only available in high-end kitchen and bath showrooms.

The whirlpool Primó tubs offer Jacuzzi’s signature jetted bath experience. Settle in for an invigorating massage in a new Primó bathtub and feel the tension dissolve in the therapeutic water, driven by strategically-placed jets. Each bath is equipped with a minimum of 10 fully-adjustable massaging jets.

Pure Air Primó bathtubs feature a lighter, more subtle and less targeted massage. Pure air circulates through a network of channels in, around and underneath the Pure Air Primó tubs.

Primó soaking baths are a lower priced alternative. The traditional soaking bath allows you to have the beauty of the Primó product in any bathroom.

Choosing your new Primó Bathtub The most important thing to do is to measure before selecting a Primó tub. Make sure you get the correct size by paying close attention to the dimensions of each of the Primó tubs. Another critical consideration is your existing drain location. Primó bathtubs vary in drain setup and pump location, so be sure to choose the Primó bath model that is right for your bath.

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