Knauf Insulation Earthwool™ 1000° Pipe Insulation is a molded, heavy-density, one-piece insulation made from inorganic glass fibers bonded with ECOSE® Technology . It is produced in 3’ lengths with or without a factory-applied jacket.

ASJ+ is the newest generation all-service jacket composed of aluminum foil, reinforced with a glass scrim bonded to a kraft paper interleaving with an outer film layer leaving no paper exposed. A matching ASJ+ butt strip is furnished in the carton for each section. The jacket is white, and the longitudinal lap of the jacket has a self-sealing adhesive.


Earthwool is the new benchmark that stands apart for its genuine sustainability, unsurpassed performance and consistently high product quality.

Earthwool 1000° Pipe Insulation is used to insulate iron and copper piping in industrial applications and in commercial and institutional buildings. Earthwool 1000° Pipe Insulation is suitable for hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping systems operating at temperatures from 0°F-1000°F (-18°C to 538°C). Additional weather protection is needed outdoors.

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