Outstanding quality always includes two aspects: the aesthetic form and the functional. It is only what
appeals to us that can move us emotionally – and it is only what represents a reliable value that is ca-
pable of convincing us over the long term. At KWC, they look to nature when designing faucets so as
to always create exceptional new lines: as durable and resilient as a piece of granite, as impressive
and beautiful as a mountain landscape.
The extraordinarily elegant design of KWC products raises the experience of simply handling water to
a new level. These exclusively processed faucets create a refined atmosphere in any kitchen.
Their many years of experience and the continuous ongoing development of their products give them
a unique functionality. They also integrate new technologies to achieve hitherto undreamt of improve-
ments in the way they work.
KWC is aware of its environmental responsibilities. They regard the concept of sustainability as a
great challenge and incorporate it in everything they do. Thanks to innovative technical features, their
products significantly reduce the consumption of water and energy.

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