Known for providing the electrical construction segment with innovative, quality products, Southwire® does not just keep with the pulse of the industry, but rather sets the pace with products like the ground-breaking, patented SIM Technology® as found in Romex® SIMpull®.

Romex SIMpull residential building wire is preferred over that of traditional NM. Romex SIMpull is more than 50 percent easier to pull through walls and floor joists, and around corners.

When it comes to renovations and repairs, Southwire is here to help. Whatever your wire and cable needs, from service entrance cable to Flatwire™, Southwire’s got you covered.

Southwire offers Type SER & SEU, service entrance cable, constructed with sunlight resistant Type XHHW-2 conductors or Type THWN conductors.

Thanks to Southwire’s patented SIM (Slikqwik® Infused Membrane) jacket, SIM Technology products are NoLube® and require only half of the pulling effort of pre-existing cable products.

Both intermediate and feeder size MC cable is NEC®-compliant, reduces installation steps, reduces waste and allows for unlimited 90 degree bends. Also available with PVC jacket.

Southwire’s patented MC cable design can improve grounding reliability and performance, and increase installation productivity by simplifying the grounding connection process.

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