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Oil Fired Water Heaters 60,000-173,000 BTU

Oil-Fired Residential and Light-Commercial Water Heaters

Bock water heaters are the USA’s most popular oil-fired residential and commercial oil-fired appliances. Capacities range from 20 gallons to 113 gallons with inputs from 60,000 to 173,000 BTU.

The Bock® Model 32E water heater is the market leader in Energy Efficiency with a .63EF rating and 170 gallons First Hour Delivery. It meets the Department of Energy’s new higher energy standards coming in 2015 – no comparable competitive model meets those standards.

  • Standard 5-year tank/heat exchanger residential warranty.
  • Single Turboflue® helical-fin heat exchanger.
  • Compact Model 20e water heater fits tight spaces with low overhead clearance.
  • Certified for use with Carlin® and Beckett® burners.