• mansfield

    MANSFIELD PLUMBING PRODUCTS Style, performance and price. Which are you willing to sacrifice? With Mansfield, you don’t have to choose. Their diverse collection of residential and commercial bath products offer the beautiful design and reliable performance of high end bathroom brands at a much more affordable price. Mansfield lets you maintain your style, your standards […]

  • saniflo

    Do you need a bathroom installed in the basement? This used to be a big job involving breaking the concrete floor and installing a sewage ejection system. With Saniflo systems that is no longer necessary. Saniflo allows low cost installation of their Sanibest, Saniplus and Sanitop systems. You can have a washroom or even a […]


    Approved Performance Vortens products are IAPMO/UPC approved, meet or exceed all applicable ANSI and ASME specifi- cations, and are CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association). 2-1/8″ Fully Glazed Trapways Their bowls feature fully glazed, 2-1/8″ trapways designed to pass a full 2″ diameter ball in flush tests. This minimizes friction loss and drag, which results in […]

  • TOTO

    With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineer- ing, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances your daily life. TOTO’s innovations translate into the best performance and ecology in the plumbing world. TOTO leaves nothing to chance when it comes to design. We embrace holistic design principles be- cause […]


    Gerber provides the eco-minded homeowner with stylish, water-conserving toilets without sacrificing functionality. Gerber-voted number one “Best Buy” by a leading consumer magazine for performance and value-offers quality toilets that will flush consistently and will not leak at affordable prices. Gerber meets your demand for sophisticated toilets with multiple-finish options including high-effi- cency toilets. Let Gerber […]


    From top to bottom, our toilets stand above the crowd. American Standard has the largest collection of top-rated performance toilets on the market. Large trapways remove bulk quickly and effectively, eliminating clogging. Powerful wash systems flush cleaner and antimicrobial surfaces keep toilets cleaner, longer. Plus, our toilets use less water with each flush, so they […]

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