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    Massaging jets, soothing air bubbles and calming lights combine to let you create the perfect at-home spa. Plus, quieter, more energy efficient jets and stay clean features add extra comfort and peace of mind to the experience. Deep Soak™ Drain – The innovative family of Deep Soak™ bath drains eliminate the wasted space above a […]

  • Swan-Bath-Products

    Swan Fiberglass for Bathroom Renovations. For more than 40 years, Swan has created innovative and affordable solid surface products and materials for customers all over the world. In 1987, Swan introduced Swanstone, first with a line of vanity tops and bowls. Swanstone quickly became known for its superior impact strength, heat resistance, and ability to [...]

  • florestone

    The company was founded in 1947, in Oakland, CA, by Ray and Ann Flores. First known as “Pacific Cement Laundry Tray Company”, its sole product was cement laundry trays. Ray and Ann had a simple approach to doing business: “You stand behind your product and you take care of the customers.” This attitude later proved […]

  • MAAX

    Warm water pulsing against your body holds remedial powers praised since the dawn of recorded his- tory. Relieving insomnia, lessening the pain of arthritis, vanquishing stresses and strains – physical and mental: people have documented these abilities on papyrus and on hard drives the world round. Seek an intense targeted massage to alleviate sore muscles […]


    Thinking outside the tub With the merger of Lasco Bathware and Aquatic comes the nation’s largest manufacturer of bathing fixtures. These two respected companies combine 65 years of industry experience and a reputation for quality, reliability and innovative design. That legacy continues as both companies operate as one under the Aquatic name. If you want […]


    Regardless of the product, the support structure hidden behind the surface is critical to the durability and longevity of the product. These attributes hold true for all of the components creating a home, in- cluding the bathroom. At Oasis, they believe in the ideal of providing a durable and dependable prod- uct with a value […]

  • MAAX

    MAAX creates an extensive line of bathtubs and showers that fulfill people’s desires from practical and convenient to elegant and luxurious. A leading North American manufacturer with more than 40 years experience in its industry, MAAX`s award-winning products receive regular praise for ease of installation, stylish looks and timeless arti- sanship. MAAX`s continuous success stems […]


    A bathtub can set the tone for the entire space. Especially if it’s an Aquatic tub. With an abundance of designs to choose from, all precision-crafted from a durable gelcoat material, the Everyday Series of tubs gives you the options you need to strike the perfect note. Even practical features like molded-in steps make a […]

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