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Regardless of the product, the support structure hidden behind the surface is critical to the durability
and longevity of the product. These attributes hold true for all of the components creating a home, in-
cluding the bathroom. At Oasis, they believe in the ideal of providing a durable and dependable prod-
uct with a value beyond the price paid.
To accomplish this they begin with the same raw materials (resin, fiberglass and a mineral additive to
promote fire retardancy) used by other bath manufactures. The differences between Oasis and others
lie in the raw material proportions of the composite. Simply put, their product has a higher resin and
fiberglass content than competitors for increased composite strength. Plus, they hand roll each resin
and fiberglass application to eliminate air voids to enhance the durability of the composite structure.
In addition to the composite, they also utilize a more expensive floor construction technique for
greater strength and enhanced floor rigidity. The floor structure of an Oasis module utilizes a core of
1/2-inch thick end cut Balsawood, encased in a resin and fiberglass composite. The Balsawood is at-
tached to flexible webbing that allows the material to match the floors contouring which results in a
solid mating with the structure. The combination of materials and hand rolling creates a superior floor
structure, and eliminates the need for site applied under floor support.

Why do they go to all this effort? Because they care about the products they provide, the reputation of
the professionals who use their products, and the legacy of all those associated with their efforts.

This is only a small sample of the product line. To look at the complete product line, please visit one of our showrooms today.