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Strasser Woodenworks uses a variety of materials in crafting their products. Sound engineering de-
termines which material is best suited for each specific application. This can vary from one style fam-
ily to another, one door/drawer style to another, and even from one finish to another. They consider
the use and function of each component and choose construction materials with the optimum charac-
teristics accordingly. For example, they do not use natural wood shelves inside their vanities due to
the variety of cleaning chemicals usually stored there. Instead, they use a shelf that has a chemical
proof melamine coating. On the other hand, shelves in linen cabinets are not generally exposed to
chemicals and are therefore finished to match the cabinet’s outside finish.

For vanities and furniture with natural wood finishes, they use natural American hardwoods (cherry,
maple &oak) for door/drawer faces and hardwood veneer plywood for cabinets. Vanities that are fin-
ished in a color (satin white, satin biscuit & satin black) have door/drawer faces of solid maple in most
cases and hardwood veneer plywood in the cabinet body. Two style/finish choices (ultraline satin
white and beaded satin white) use thermofoil wrapped mdf doors and melamine laminated mdf cabi-
net parts. These are extremely durable finishes.

Everything they do is based on one principle: to give the consumer the highest quality cabinet possi-
ble made from the best materials available for the application.

To see a complete line of Strasser products, please visit any of our showrooms.