TOTO Toilets

With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineer-
ing, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances your daily life. TOTO’s innovations
translate into the best performance and ecology in the plumbing world.
TOTO leaves nothing to chance when it comes to design. We embrace holistic design principles be-
cause performance, quality, functionality and ultimately, customer satisfaction, are just as important
as aesthetics. Backed by precision engineering and global manufacturing, TOTO’s toilets simply per-
form and look better than the competition.
Attention to detail, continuous improvement, over a thousand research and development profession-
als and 90+ years of experience fuel TOTO’s product quality. TOTO provides unmatched perform-
ance, durability and reliability, representing the ultimate in customer satisfaction for their toilets.
TOTO’s commitment to environmental sustainability goes “beyond compliance.” Their high-efficiency
toilets lead the industry in water savings, and their expert engineering results in first-rate perform-
ance, reliability and customer satisfaction. From their products to their manufacturing processes, effi-
ciency and effectiveness are a part of their DNA.

TOTO understands that the cost of buying a product isn’t the same as the cost of owning it. True
value comes from customer satisfaction. TOTO’s commitment to value includes overall environmental
responsibility; quality, worry-free products; and superb performance. This approach translates into
money savings, ecological preservation, and peace of mind for the customer.

This is only a small sample of the product line. To look at the complete product line, please visit one of our showrooms today.